The winner will be notified by the OMIKUJI BOX management via the phone number or e-mail that you registered when you registered as a member!

Winners can choose either of the following!

1) Japan Airline Ticket!

⇒Reservation rights for airline tickets to Japan

*In case of difficulty in traveling to Japan for sightseeing

2) Japanese cultural experience tour plan in a neighboring country!

⇒Reservation rights for a tour plan with Japanese cultural experience in a nearby country

JTB, the largest travel agency in Japan, will help you to arrange airline tickets!

For more details, please refer to the FAQ


  • 1

    Ticket prices might be changed due to exchange rate fluctuations.

  • 2

    Benefits and plans might be changed due to unpredictable changes in circumstances or natural disasters.

  • 3

    JTB customer support sends notification of the winner to registered contact information.

  • 4

    If you would like to change the registered information, please contact to customer support on website.

  • 5

    The right to win a OMIKUJI BOX is authorized to the purchaser himself/herself

  • 6

    When we contact you, we might ask for identity verification documents.

  • 7

    The winning rate of the lottery is 1/5000 for both new purchasers and regular purchasers.
    If there is a change in the distribution rate due to timing, it will be announced in the Notes section at least two months prior to the scheduled date of the change

  • 8

    You are not allowed to duplicate, copy, and transfer your omikuji for commercial purposes.

  • 9

    Please note that we do not take any responsibility for
    any loss or trouble of personal belongings during the travel of the campaign.

  • 10

    If the country is closed due to natural disasters, the travel may be postponed or canceled. In the cases,
    the omikuji winner can have the valid omikuji for 1 years.